Carpet FAQ: What you need to know

Rugs add warmth and beauty to your home, and it just keeps getting better. Thanks to modern technology, there are constant innovations, including digital patterning, larger color palettes, and enhanced durability and stain resistance. However, there are some stubborn myths, so New Orleans Flooring presents you with some clarity regarding rugs.

Can you have carpet if you have allergies?

Carpet is inherently hypoallergenic because it's one of the lowest VOC (volatile organic compound) emitting floorings. They also improve indoor air quality because particles get trapped into fibers when rugs are vacuumed instead of circulating in the air for you to breathe in. You can also raise the hypoallergenic bar by selecting a natural fiber, such as wool, or choosing a synthetic like nylon or olefin that prevents mold and mildew from growing, which affects the respiratory system.

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What about the construction?

When you walk into our carpet stores in Elmwood and Prairieville, LA, you'll see rolls of broadloom, all from different mills and with varying styles, constructions, fibers, and price points. Construction determines type and texture. Everything is related to a rug, and some styles work better for some installations than others. All fibers start by being looped through the backing. When they are left as is, it becomes a straight loop style like the Berber carpet. When the loops are cut, the piles can be any height. This includes the high, long, loose fibers of the shag, the low, short, tightly woven yarns that you often see in office rugs, or moderate like the Saxony. Sometimes there's a combination, such as cut and loop, which is used to create patterns and textures and sometimes, the yarns are so tightly packed they become plush.

What determines appearance and performance?

Fiber plays a significant role in appearance and performance. While there are acrylic fibers and blends, there are five most commonly sought. They include natural wool, soft and durable; and synthetics like ultra-strong nylon; polyester with superior stain resistance; and olefin, which is budget-friendly, strong, and has excellent resistance to stains. Triexta is a relative newcomer, but it already has a reputation for strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber and is often sought after for pet-friendly rugs.

The experts at New Orleans Flooring will help you sort out the different types of carpet and provide quality residential and commercial installations. Our showrooms are in Elmwood and Prairieville, LA, and work with homeowners and businesses in and near Elmwood, LA, Prairieville, LA, New Orleans, LA, Metairie, LA, Gonzales, LA, Kenner, LA, Baton Rouge, LA && River Ridge, LA. We offer free carpet flooring quotes and will also assist you with financing.