Reasons to choose engineered wood flooring

If you love beauty but also have a practical side, these wood floors might be for you. Stable, with a better ability to handle water, there's more versatility in installation. You also won't have the shrinkage and contraction challenges with wood when adjusting to the weather. Read further to find out why this might be your next excellent flooring solution.

What is engineered hardwood?

This is a version of hardwood flooring that, on the surface, looks like any other hardwood flooring but has a different construction. Solid, as the name implies, is one thickness throughout, but engineered is layered. At the top is a slab of your species-of-choice so you can have beautiful oak flooring or hickory, maple, Brazilian cherry, etc. It can even be found in chevron and parquet looks. Underneath, however, are three or more layers of genuine wood combined with a bit of resin. These layers are then placed in a crosswise position. The floors can be refinished and add value to a property.

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Other “must know” considerations include:


  • Thickness determines the number of times an engineered (or solid wood) floor can be sanded and refinished. Here, the range is ⅜-inch to ½-inch, but obviously, thicker is better. Depending on the number, it can be refinished up to five times and can last 30-50 years when taken care of well.
  • Engineered floors have wider boards, making installation faster because there are fewer joins. It's a faster installation, and that usually translates into a less expensive job. It should also be noted that wider planks are trending.
  • These floors allow for an additional installation technique, the uncomplicated floating floor. Here, the pieces click together, then hover over the subfloor without nails or glue. It can be placed over most subfloors, including concrete, and any subfloor should be clean, dry, and level. Note that an underlayment is sometimes suggested to provide additional foundations if they are installed as floating floors.

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