Flooring installation


How we'll help you get the proper flooring installation

We know floors can impact your life and, comprising the most significant square footage in most rooms, is visible and can affect the first impressions of your home. We also want you to have the best flooring experience, so, as Thomas said in his review, "I was hesitant to redo my floors, but after the recent flooding, I knew I had to do something. The people at New Orleans Flooring walked me through every step of the process with confidence and ease.” Read further to find out what we can do for you.

First, make sure the floor is aligned with your needs

You'll see many choices at our New Orleans flooring company, but it's essential to strike a good balance between appearance and your specific needs. For instance, is your family large and active or quiet and small? That answer will determine if you need something that will stand up to a lot of foot traffic. Do you have pets? If so, then your needs might lean toward waterproofing capabilities. How will you use the room? Will it be a center of family activity with a lot of foot traffic and possibly eating and drinking, or will it be a more formal room used only for entertaining? Also, look at the room, especially to see the size and direct sunlight. Then communicate your findings to us in detail.



We're here to help

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We have high quality and low prices

We know it's always tempting to save as much money as possible, but a higher quality product will last longer, perform better, and will save you from costly repairs and premature replacement. This is why we've arranged to sell at factory-direct prices. Don't skimp on needed auxiliary products; for example, we'll tell you what kind of padding is best for your carpet installation, and we’ll explain why underlayments are so crucial to the stability and moisture protection.

Prepare for installation day

Some say the installation is as necessary as the product. We agree and can make any product look like a high-end floor. Your preparation will also ensure that the installation goes smoothly, quickly, and efficiently. Look at the estimate, so you know who does what, including furniture moving, disposal, clean up, and subfloor repairs. Be sure pets are secured, that children are safely out of the way and that you've made alternate plans for cooking and bathing if necessary. Find out if there'll be noise, dust, or odors.

At New Orleans Flooring we offer high quality products at wholesale prices. To learn more about selecting the right flooring installation for you, and to get a free quote, visit our showrooms in Elmwood and Prairieville, LA, convenient to: Elmwood, LA, Prairieville, LA, New Orleans, LA, Metairie, LA, Gonzales, LA, Kenner, LA, Baton Rouge, LA && River Ridge, LA.